• Rapid hair grinding instrument
  • Rapid hair grinding instrument
  • Achieve rapid grinding of 24 on-site hair samples simultaneously.
DHFSTPRP-HP24 Rapid Hair Grinding Instrument uses a special vertical up-down integrated vibration mode to achieve ideal grinding effects quickly through the high-frequency reciprocating vibration, impact, and shear of grinding beads (zirconia, steel, glass, and ceramic).
Product Introduction
DHFSTPRP-HP24 Rapid Hair Grinding Instrument uses a special vertical up-down integrated vibration mode to achieve ideal grinding effects quickly through the high-frequency reciprocating vibration, impact, and shear of grinding beads (zirconia, steel, glass, and ceramic). The rapid grinding ensures that the samples are more fully and uniformly ground, with better sample reproducibility and no cross-contamination between samples. When combined with colloidal gold detection technology, the instrument can perform rapid on-site detection of common drugs in hair (such as heroin, methamphetamine, ketamine, ecstasy, and cannabis). The detection limits for various drugs have all met the requirements of the "Drug-Related Personnel Hair Sample Testing Specification" issued by the Ministry of Public Security. Since its introduction, the product has been widely recognized in the industry. The hair on-site testing instrument has the advantages of simple sample processing, convenient carrying, efficient detection, accurate results, and high sensitivity. It is currently very suitable for law enforcement personnel in public security and anti-drug units to use for on-site hair drug testing equipment.

Product Features
○ Efficient Grinding
Simultaneously process 3 hair samples quickly and efficiently.Provides a feasible and convenient solution for community drug rehabilitation and monitoring of special individuals
○ Compact and Convenient
Compact design, lightweight, and easy to carry.
○ Professional Grinding
instrument has completed nearly a thousand real sample detections at judicial centers and anti-narcotics brigades in Beijing, Ningbo, Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghai, and other places.High positive detection rate of up to 99%, effectively avoiding false-positive interference caused by drug use.

Product Applications
Sample types suitable for grinding:
1. Plant tissues: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, etc.
2. Animal tissues: brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, thymus, kidneys, intestines, lymph nodes, muscles, bones, etc.
3. Fungi and bacteria: yeast, E. coli, etc.
4. Food and drugs: various types of food, pills, etc.
5. Volatile samples: coal, oil shale, wax products, etc.
6. Plastics, polymers: PE, PS, textiles, resins, etc.
· Nucleic acid/protein extraction
Low-temperature grinding can effectively inhibit nucleic acid degradation and preserve protein activity.
· Analysis of pharmacologically active ingredients
There are often significant differences between isomers of pharmacologically active ingredients. Low-temperature grinding can prevent molecular degradation due to pressure and heating.
· Reduced sample volatility
Low-temperature grinding can significantly reduce sample volatility and more completely preserve the content of sample components.
· Grinding tough/hard samples
For difficult-to-grind samples such as high-toughness plastics, high-strength plastics, and resins, low-temperature grinding can greatly improve the grinding effect and efficiency.
The DHFSTPRP-HP24 rapid hair grinding instrument adopts a special vertical up-and-down integrated vibration mode, which achieves the desired effect quickly through the high-frequency reciprocating vibration, impact, and shear of the grinding beads (zirconia, steel beads, glass beads, ceramic beads). This results in more complete and uniform grinding of the samples, with better sample repeatability and no cross-contamination between samples.

Principle of Colloidal Gold:
Colloidal gold detection technology: Colloidal gold is a commonly used labeling technology. It is a novel immune labeling technology that uses colloidal gold as a tracer applied to antigens and antibodies, and has its unique advantages. In recent years, it has been widely used in various biological studies and is almost used as a label in clinical immunoblotting techniques. At the same time, it can also be utilized in flow cytometry, electron microscopy, immunology, molecular biology, and even biochips.

High efficiency with multiple operations and good results Efficient and quick work can be completed within 1 minute for grinding 2x24, 2x48, and 4x96 samples. It saves time and effort, and the differences between batches and within batches are small. The extracted protein has higher activity and the nucleic acid fragments are longer.
No cross-contamination The sample tubes are in a fully enclosed state during the crushing process and can use disposable centrifuge tubes and beads. The samples are kept intact in the tubes, avoiding cross-contamination between samples and external contamination.
Simple operation 1. Built-in program controller, which can set parameters such as grinding time and rotor vibration frequency;
2. User-friendly operating interface.
Good stability 1. Using a vertical oscillation method, the grinding is more complete and the stability is better;
2. During the instrument operation, the noise is less than 55dB, which will not interfere with other experiments or instruments.
Convenient for low-temperature operation When a low-temperature grinding environment is needed, the adapter containing the sample can be immersed in liquid nitrogen for cooling for 1-2 minutes, then taken out and quickly fixed to the main unit for grinding, without the need for further freezing, saving liquid nitrogen.
Good reproducibility The same program set for the same tissue sample yields the same grinding effect. The working time is short, and the sample temperature does not rise.

Technical Specifications  
Application Areas: Hair grinding, tissue grinding, homogenization, cell disruption, emulsification, material dispersion, preparation, sample mixing, and oscillation
Processing capacity: Maximum processing capacity of 24 samples within 15 seconds, including compatibility with 12-well and 24-well liquid nitrogen cooling adapters
Compatible sample tubes: 24*(0.2-0.5ML) /24*2ML /6*(7-15)ML /2*25ML /2*50ML, and various specifications of grinding tubes can be customized
Display: LCD display, touch screen display (upgradeable)
Shockproof principle: Innovative shockproof principle of Schleifen-1 from Germany, and a three-dimensional motion mode of up-down and left-right shaking - an innovative grinding ball motion mode that ensures maximum sample processing and instant crushing effect
Maximum feeding size: No requirement, adjustable according to the adapter
Final particle size: ~5µm
Number of grinding platforms: (Acceptable number of grinding jars) > 2
Fastening device: With automatic centering
Homogenization speed: 0~70 Hz/second, working time: 0 seconds~99 minutes, user can set it themselves
Grinding ball diameter: 0.2~30mm
Grinding ball materials: Alloy steel, chromium steel, zirconia, tungsten carbide, quartz sand
Acceleration: Reaches maximum speed within 2 seconds
Deceleration: Reaches minimum speed within 2 seconds
Noise level: <55db
Grinding methods: Wet grinding, dry grinding, and low-temperature grinding are all available
Temperature control can be upgraded to: Ability to upgrade to ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen cooling or air cooling
Adapter material: Polytetrafluoroethylene, alloy steel
Safety instructions: With automatic center positioning fastening device, safety lock during operation, full protection throughout the process
Grinding kit materials: Hard alloy, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), zirconia
Dimensions: 41*34*55cm
Weight: 28 Kg
Product List
Host Machine Unit
Adapters set
Cooling Adapter Set
Zirconia Grinding Bead No.3 Piece
Zirconia Grinding Bead No.5 Piece
Special Grinding Tube Piece
Special Bead Loading Gun Set
Ø2ml,1(2 in 1)
Ø2orØ1.5ml,1(2 in 1)
1000(2 in 1)
1000(2 in 1)